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Please Welcome Poster Girl

Dear Friends,

A special welcome to Shelley Blanton-Stroud's latest and final in the Jane Benjamin series — Poster Girl.

It's just out today! Over the last two years I loved seeing the story develop and get written and revised as Shelley is in my writing critique group.

Here's my blurb: "A high-wire, ripped-from-vintage-headlines series ender." And that it is. The entire Jane Benjamin series (Copy Boy, Tom Boy, and Poster Girl) has been a hoot of a good ride! With crisp dialog, fantastic historical details, beautiful scene-setting, and a fabulous device using Jane's dead twin brother speaking to her from the beyond, Shelley has mapped a fun, fast, and meaningful look at one woman's journey from growing up an Oakie, migrating to San Francisco to become a copy "boy" in a San Fran newsroom, to covering a Wimbledon champion's fall from grace overseas, and, in Poster Girl, to infiltrating the WWII women welders building ships in Richmond, CA. Oh, and plenty of dead bodies!

Take a listen as Shelley and I talk about her new book. And then buy the book for yourself.

Let me know if you enjoyed this kind of conversation with a fellow writer.


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And for your Thanksgiving Hors appetizers, how about the latest SPAM recipe from this month's Bon Appetit, in essence:

Pick a flavor; cut in cubes; place a slab of Brie on top; add a little whole mustard and a cornichon and pin together with a festive toothpick!

SPAM seems to be making an upscale come-back -- who knew?

Here's to a fun, happy, and restorative Thanksgiving long weekend for each of you! I'll be back the week after.

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