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Poetic License

The daughter of Pulitzer Prize–winning poet, Richard Eberhart, confronts her family’s myths and her beloved father’s betrayals while finding her voice and establishing a legacy as a trusted consultant to executives. 

Gretchen Eberhart Cherington's essays have been published in Crack The Spine, Bloodroot Literary Magazine, and Yankee Magazine, among others, and her essay “Maine Roustabout” was nominated for a 2012 Pushcart Prize. Cherington is a leader in her community, having served on twenty non-profit and corporate boards. Passionate about the outdoors, she most enjoys spending time with family and friends in wild places around the world. 

Coming from She Writes Press in August, 2020. You can pre-order now from:

What Readers Are Saying About Poetic License

"Poetic License is a great achievement that will move powerfully into the world. The author's elegant prose provides a riveting portrait of a once adoring daughter able to observe and reflect as a mature woman."

Elizabeth Garber, author of Implosion: Memoir of an Architect's Daughter

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