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I Could Use Your Help

Dear Friends,

Before I became a writer I'd never left a review for one. So I suspect many of you may not have either. But it's actually one of the best things you can do for a writer -- that is, after buying and reading their book!

The first four months in the life of The Butcher, the Embezzler, and the Fall Guy--A Family Memoir of Scandal and Greed in the Meat Industry has brought forth not only wonderful sales but many messages and comments from readers.

The most recent, from a reader in Chicago, said "I devoured your book, re-living your family history of success and sorrow. George Hormel's plea to the bankers after the embezzlement was both powerful and compelling. My question: Did Hormel grapple with nightmares about his abuses?"

Believe me, I read each and every one of your messages and responded. I so appreciate this engagement as I continue to explore this story.

I've also learned that a simple review left on Amazon, GoodReads, and BookBub does wonders for placement on those sites and hence contributes to sales, so I'm writing to ask any of you who are willing, and have read the book, to leave a quick review.

If you're one of the 30 who have already, I'm deeply grateful and delighted by your words as well as the time you took to do so.

But if you haven't, you have two choices--either just to leave stars or stars and a few words. Start with Amazon and then just copy and paste your review into GoodReads and BookBub. Here are the direct links:

This is also a time in the book-out timeframe to visit with book clubs! So, if you're in one, I'd love to join you. Just be in touch through my contact page.

That's it for today -- if you can't get to it, no worries, but it'll mean a lot to me if you can. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of my third "career" as I percolate about my THIRD BOOK!!!



  • October 4: Let's Talk Memoir podcast interview with Ronit Plank. Watch social media for details.

  • NEW! October 19: I'll be on a panel about shifting our mindsets to marketing our books during the Pages & Platforms Write Anyway Summit.

  • November 2 at 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific: LA Talk Radio Rendezvous with a Writer. Live radio with Bobbi Jean and Jim Bell. Watch social media for details.

  • November 2 at 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific: National Association of Memoir Writers. In conversation with Linda Joy Myers for Featured Memoirist. Live Q&A! Watch social media for details.


From My Stack

Joni B. Cole

Party Like It's 2044

Right now I'm reading the memoir MS of my good friend Ellen Schecter and the ALMOST DONE MS of my writing group member Ashley Sweeney. Entirely different and equally compelling reads. For the latter I'll be writing a blurb when I'm done. Ashley's book will be out in late 2024 and it'll be a hummer!

Soon up, I'll be reading Joni Cole's new book Party like It's 2044 in anticipation of featuring her in one of my November newsletters. And I'll report on it more soon! But anyone who knows Joni's work will undoubtedly be thrilled. Her essays are heartfelt, full of meaning, and also a hoot!

More from my stack in the next newsletters.


Thank you for considering leaving me a review - it's simply part of the business side of writing and for any of us indie authors they do mean a lot.

Enjoy your fall --

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