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Four Years in the Book(s)

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Dear Friends,

Recently, I wrote that May and June are my favorite months! And here we are in June with three celebrations! First, Michael turns 70!!! I'm taking him on a top secret getaway with friends.

And this month marks four years as an author!! This month Poetic License marks its fourth year of cruising around the world!!

Happy Birthday Poetic License!!

Image celebrating Happy Birthday, Poetic License

And The Butcher, the Embezzler, and the Fall Guy—A Family Memoir of Scandal and Greed in the Meat Industry turns ONE!!

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I couldn't be more proud of these two books and the family stories I'd tossed and turned in my head and heart through thirty years. Their reception in our world by thousands of readers, and the pride from accomplishing a very big goal is beautiful! Just as a child turns us into a parent, these books turned me into an author, a community of creatives I've long admired, bringing truth to our world.

Arms full of gratitude to Michael who turns 70 this week for being my first reader and story champion and to each of you who have helped me reach this milestone. Peace and Love.

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From My Stack

Image of the book Tough Broad by Caroline Paul

Caroline Paul

Tough Broad: From Boogie Boarding to Wing Walking — How Outdoor Adventure Improves Our Lives as We Age

Big THANKS to Ellen Schecter for giving me this book for my recent birthday! I loved it! Caroline Paul interviews and adventures with a dozen women between about 50 - 90+ on her quest to understand better "how to live a dynamic life in a changing body." Along the way she digs into current research about the effects of adventure on our bodies, minds, and souls. I loved how Paul considers "adventure" broadly—from wing walking on airplanes high in the air to walking around one's neighborhood or birdwatching from a wheelchair. What this book gave me was not only license to continue my adventuring as I age, but to keep reaching for that "dazzling light" -- the edge where we're not just doing the same old thing every day, but we also haven't gotten too far out ahead of our skis. same old thing and something truly beyond my capability.

Since my shoulder replacement I've been adventuring solo more than I have in 35 years. Michael and I have done most of our adventuring together. But through his two hip replacements I've been and will continue to be mostly on my own. Being solo in the wilderness has given me more confidence and responsibility. I've been lost twice without service but found my way back to the trail. I've been alert for bear and moose. I've worried about being the only one on a mountain. I can almost feel my heart, lungs, core, mind, and soul expand and grow. What's not to love about that as we age?

This book is "a high-spirited call for women to embrace the outdoors, not back away from it...casting our own futures in a new and dazzling light." Here's to the dazzling light in all of us.


And here's a metaphorical "edge" — mapping out what will be my first novel — a big story I'm trying to corral into a plot. More to come on this one!

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