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December Newsletter

Volume 21

Happy Holidays to all my Friends:

I have such vivid, and mostly happy, memories of Christmas Eves and Christmas mornings from my childhood. Usually spent at my beloved Gram’s house in Cambridge, my older brother swore he heard reindeer hooves clacking over the roof on Christmas Eves. Tucked into a small bed in a small room on the second floor, I’d dream of presents and cousins and eating ribbon candy from Gram’s pantry room. Each color of those delicious swirls bringing a new flavor—the tart/sweet of persimmon, the tarts of lemon and lime, the sweet of cherry and raspberry—each wavy candy swirled by hand and melting in my month, if only I could keep myself from chewing them whole!

We celebrated our holidays early this year—in Los Angeles with our daughter for two weeks over Thanksgiving (she’ll arrive here in early January) and here in Portland last week with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren who aced a sixteen-item scavenger hunt through our building and neighborhood. Looking forward to quiet time this coming week at museums and dinners out with friends, the holiday lights, fresh squeezed orange juice in Gram's juicer on Christmas morning, and new books!

To each of you – thank you for being with me on my author and personal travels through 2022 and I’m looking forward to sharing my new book with you in June!

A proper newsletter to come in January.

May your holidays be merry and bright and filled with love!!


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